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Starting with ROMS

At the beginning of my post-doc, I started working with the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS).  I maintained a write- up in google docs of the steps needed to run ROMS in my personal computer and my experience downloading the model files and learning how to compile it correctly.


The following document list the steps that I needed to successfully download, compile and run ROMS in a mac (2019). When first installing this model I had limited experience with Linux systems and with programming in bash, some of the steps might not be necessary or are explained incorrectly. I would greatly appreciate any corrections or advice. There are awesome resources also in the ROMS website and forum, although some release updates have made the instructions a bit confusing (I include all the resources I have used). I hope this summary of the steps I took will help others install ROMS and troubleshoot when something does not go as plan.  This tutorial is intended for people at the same level, much more advanced and straight forward tutorial exists. 

Main changes from the main tutorials:

Some of the instructions on how to configure build_roms.bash are based in past releases so they are a bit different. 

NetCDF changed the way NetCDF-c and NetCDF-Fortran are compiled, first, you have to compile NetCDF-c. (Maybe this has been like this always, but I was not able to find a straightforward step by step way of doing this, so I assumed is new)

ROMS executable file is now called romsS or romsO depending on your set up (see instructions)



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