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Current research work

Entrainment at River Plumes and Ambient Water Circulation

Currently, I'm working with Dr. Shih-Nan Chen at the Institute of Oceanography at the National Taiwan University. We use ROMS to understand the circulation of ambient water near river plumes. Our goal is to be able to predict the scales of a return flow typically observed in river plumes and link it to the entrainment occurring at the front. Using this analysis we can describe how and what length scales the open ocean interacts with river plumes


If your interested in how to use ROMS follow this link.

Understanding Mixing at the Edge of the Kuroshio Intrusion

In the second chapter of the dissertation, we looked into microstructure data that was collected at the edge of the Kuroshio as it intrudes into the South China Sea (SCS). We observed salinity interleavings at the front form between the freshwater of the SCS and the salty water of the Kuroshio. The temperature-salinity characteristics of this interleaving are indicative of double-diffusive processes and shear. We investigate how these two different processes drive the mixing of these two water masses



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